What's My Story

What’s My Story

Working in the substance abuse and mental health industry has allowed me to see miracles happen. I have seen mothers and fathers put down a bottle for the first time in their adult lives, only to regain custody of their children. I have seen young teenagers addicted to heroin graduate college and go on to be therapists themselves. The unfortunate reality of these stories is that they are the exception, not the rule. Truthfully, the industry is filled with much more heartbreak and disappointment.

When I would speak with clients who had chronic relapses, almost all of them would share a similar mentality. Simply put – they did not believe in themselves to stay sober. They felt like they did not deserve it and that goal was out of reach. This always resonated with me because when I was getting sober myself, I felt those same emotions. I felt the same helplessness and doubt, fear and insecurity they did.  It was only when I worked through this limiting belief that I was able to breakthrough and not only get sober but stay sober.

I also found out that people who were not battling addiction had these same thought patterns. People had this internal dialogue that told them that they were not good enough, were not smart enough, or anything of the sort. This stopped them from going back to school, starting that business, or even applying for an internal job opening. These people were held hostage by the negative self-talk and lack of confidence to really truly go after the things they wanted most in life.

The more conscious I was of recognizing limiting beliefs in others, the more I would come across it in others as they spoke. The familiar faces in the gym would tell me how it was impossible to lose weight or they are incapable of staying consistent. Friends of mine spoke how they will never be able to move out because of their poor spending habits. Family members would talk about how miserable they were at their job due to the lack of fulfillment. Does any of this sound familiar? Something tells me if I challenged you to keep record of how often you hear these types of sentences being said, you would be shocked at the final tally.

This is why I created Inward Outlook Coaching. As a Master Certified Life Coach and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, I have made it my goal to work with others to break the mental barriers that stop them from creating the life they wish to live. When we realize that the most power supercomputer is between our ears, we realize the infinite power at our disposal. We can tap into that power that is our mind and begin to shift our mindset to being positive, seeking out answers to our difficulties.

You may be challenging everything that you are reading. You may be thinking of all the things in your personal life that are working against you at this current moment. Maybe its time, finances, or lack of resources. Maybe you are telling yourself how if you just had 'x' you would be able to do 'y' and things would be different. It is this type of thought process that takes away power from our most precious asset - our brain! When we focus on what is in our control, we stay in a place of open mindedness and seek solutions to our obstacles. When we give up all control to outside influences, we are left to the mercy of others.

As a coach, my role is to help remove the limiting beliefs that are blocking people from reaching heights they never thought were possible. Through active listening, inquisitve questioning, and challenging thoughts, I believe that coaching has the ability to truly change lives. It is not the coach performing miracles, it is the person that is sitting in the client seat who is taking the first step to supercharging their life that is the true miracle worker.


Scott Kreifels